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How a Session Works

Inner Healing Coaching

Inner Healing Coaching is a very success-oriented process that helps you remove blocks that are preventing you from reaching your full potential in all areas of your life. Let go of dead-end relationships, become a success in academics, enhance work performance, and let go of unwanted weight. You can heal fears, phobias, anger, guilt, grief, anxiety, and find your place of peace and joy once again! Allowing yourself to heal from the inside out creates lasting change which shifts all areas of your life into abundance!

Weight Control Session

The session flows very much the same as Inner Healing Coaching but Alison uses her training as a Nurse Practitioner to also help you look at your diet and exercise and help you set goals for the week. Weight Control requires three sessions in a row. Please call Alison for more in-depth information.

Past Life Regression

Alison guides you into a relaxed state and connects you with your past lives. This allows you to access wisdom gained from lifetimes and apply that learning to your present life.

Life and Angel Readings

Alison will connect with your energy and the energy of your guides, angels and loved ones in spirit to get clarity and guidance for your life issues, emotional challenges, finances, life’s purpose or other questions. The life reading is a channeled message that Alison gets for you from Spirit and will be done before you arrive. Angel readings will be done during the appointment using Angel and/or tarot cards.  It is a fun and insightful visit. A two-hour reading combines both pre-visit channeling and card reading for an in-depth reading.

Mediumship Reading

Alison connects to a past loved one of your choosing, gathering information for you demonstrating their continuity of life and a message of love and guidance they may have for you.

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